Ohio United FC


Everyone asks the question "Why is Ohio United FC so much less in fee's then every other club around!"

The below article,that is linked, was very enlightening and it validated why Ohio United FC was created/developed in order to develop a mission and vision of bringing youth soccer back to its roots. Doing so by taking away all the high cost and highly political aspects out of this beautiful game and turning it around to offer youth players an experience to learn and develop a love for the game without worrying about cost or breaking their bank.

Why is Ohio United FC so cost efficient?

Well, truth be told, I am so very privileged and fortunate to be surrounded by such an amazing group of individuals who share the same vision as I do. A vision that illustrates that the most rewarding aspect of coaching and training is valued by seeing a child's reaction when they learn a move or when they score their first goal or even seeing your players grow up through a soccer program with a passion and desire to succeed not only on the field but off the field as well.
Ohio United FC is cost efficient for one major reason. Our staff are licensed coaches and trainers with all the same credentials as the other clubs out there. The major difference is that our staff DO NOT consider training or coaching soccer as a salary full time job and instead they all DO volunteer their services to youth players because they love the aspect of developing players more than making a paycheck. Our staff, even with all the same credentials, actually earn their living from their full time careers during the day and then at night they volunteer their services to the youth community at no expense. Different from other clubs our Director of coaching, President, Vice President and board members do not make a salary or paycheck because like the rest of our staff, they volunteer their time by giving back to the community what they got from it years ago.

If you take a step back and think of how soccer has evolved you will see that the rising cost of soccer is in line with the growth of paid positions within those organizations. Positions that once were filled with passionate volunteered coaches who just loved the game. Fees grew as more positions were created within those clubs. Then another common fee increase happened and are still happening each season because as players or teams leave those organizations and the clubs team base decreases the club has to still raise fees to cover that lost of income in order to still pay all those salary positions. The shame of this is that the clubs still earn what they always want to earn and the expense always falls back on the players and their parents.

Ohio United FC mission, vision and values is centered around "Just Letting children Play" and only charging a fee that truly covers the expenses of field rental, insurance, and any other costs to run our non profit club, with certified and licensed volunteers. We don't pay salaries so those types of fees never would be placed at the players expense.

Giving back to the community is Ohio United FC biggest reward because we see a value of allowing any child the opportunity to play soccer at an affordable cost and also at no cost!

Our club offers Free Training to any type of player at any level for ages 3 to 12. We do this because there are so many children who deserve the right to have a soccer experience, provided by licensed professional trainer, at a young age regardless of their ability to pay. Other clubs charge a large fee for this service and Ohio United FC feels that you can not put a price tag on a young child's passion, dreams and desires of wanting to experience the game of soccer.

"Let's just let them Play"